Friday, May 8, 2020

MK Ultra - American's psychologist daughter who was used as a brainwasher(from Craigslist) on behalf of Donald Trump for no less than 19 years

Left his wife - divorced for the sake of this very case as this is the immensity of one - and became gradually permanent individual involved in case(leading one sometimes from 2001 and on). His daughter whom I can extremely well visualize from memory as he teased me with potential marriage to her appeared to has Baltic DNA(Estonian/Latvian similar) and have worked on the bank in Miami - either at Blue Lagoon area next to int. airport or Brickell Island - moved down south and got married after just two years down there.

Loved his wife according to him alone, but case was to big to miss one claimed. 

Think(NOT CERTAIN ABOUT HERE LAST WRITTEN) she studied down there...first lived up north of Miami and then mowed down South...its possible his wife(her mother) was in Miami vicinity - closer to Ft Lauderdale.

Her age now is probably  approx. 40 years old.

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