Friday, May 8, 2020

Finally got to a new old place - Rzgów

All beaten up in between by packing across the night move out, sleep for few hours in tent during Coronavirus crises(no library is even open and in one open where with Americans who tested with very same company for language jobs) a job testing was done on my skills in English, Spanish, and German as well - OFF COURSE ONE HAS TO MAKE CASE CLEAR ABOUT ME(its when movements as such become useful - its when one is evaluated on his potential mental job matching abilities)

I shouldn't have felt bad for scoring I understand B1 in English not even B1 in Spanish and German. Hmmmm

Americans born in US didn't score when tested in English language as high as I did. Will stop here because Spanish, German, and few other languages which none of them spoke(but even go job) apparently don't count.

Ignorance is a power now...fluency in 5+ languages doesn't equal even one and it makes no difference weather one lifts 100 or 50 boxes either. Its all the same and you are to contest with test subjects like it or not.

City Rzgów(South of Lodz) completely identified. Trump claimed I will never make it, but I already crossed his "never" line by far...THERE IS A LOT TO EXAPLIN ABOUT RZGOW.

I encourage employers to offer employment as I was by far most language fluent and costumer oriented professional in Fujitsu company. No insult to my ex coworkers(will proudly call them friends), but I can't afford to live by principles as seen above. Will not comply with stuff like this.

English(exceed Fujitsu needs), Spanish(exceed Fujitsu needs), Slovenian(exceed Fujitsu needs), SerboaCroat(exceed Fujitsu needs), and even German(would pass).

I will post online audio recording from Infosys interviews for you alone to judge how. I din't have time to even prepare for interviews as other candidates as didn't have opportunity to even sleep.

New place is sweet compared to previous location/hope will stay that way too.

Strange world of conspiracies on behalf of US president and Buckingham palace must go on for the sake of the two, so they don't look too strange on political stage when standing in front of the public(not alone basically).

Moving in between really really expensive(lost time move out move in) too not to mention consistent spine breaking exercise. I move in and out with 20 months in Poland for 10 times - of which I slept in forest twice with heavy disc spine problems...once on bare ground...then you know how it goes. 
These people are violent thugs and as violent as it gets.

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