Monday, May 4, 2020

The Cannibal's place was for MY SAKE and my last chance for escape from psychologist to Katowice/Gliwice Krakow area - area close to borderwhich is very convinient "in my case"(not because they created such casefor this very reason) due to immigration issues

It was a help(referred to meas the LAST CHANCE - we will no longer be capable to help you after this one) to ran away from control frick with degree in psychology is what I was brainwashed time and again...

Control frick trick who managed to hear and even see everything...control frick who managed to catch one bye one all the NAKED Polish women which posed infront of me and promised me nothing but sex(as much as you want) upon my return to Poland on what picture would frequently change into I cite(repeat MK Ultra brawinash), "sorry there is nothing I can do as she found out...heard and even saw it...knows it all" PARANOIA.

Finally in 2015 realizing madness that went on somehow behind her back, mentioned psychologist told me to just go on with it whichever way will help me out as much as possible as whole thing for the two of us has close to zero chances. It was okay either way according to her alone...

Not writing this to use her help - in fact, I do not want one(reject one). This is my private matter concerning me. I the human being whom you will not...I who went with nothing as far as this to remind you of what you told(CONDITIONED ME EVEN WITH MARRIAGE IN SUCH WAY NO MAN WOULD WANT TO STICK ANYWHERE EVEN NEAR) me the case will be.

This is to clarify how far(not what it looks like) DONALD TRUMP/BUCKINGHAM PALACE'S WORLD OF INSANITY(this crossed borders even of paranoia) went on. 


Trump Train GIF from

Evey thing was involved in this last act of failure including the immigration services. It was on all or train sen above(nothing😂😁😂😂).

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