Monday, May 4, 2020

AMERICANS TO MKULTRA RESCUE: Here are IDENTIFIED proofs for additional three Americans which participated in MK Ultra farback in time

Vehicles were left to me as they knew where I will end up(not only how) by American brought to Poland for test(games) on this very parking lot where I left my car about month ago.

#1 Most successful vehicle I cite American, "even if I leave one parked and sleep in one, I get my money easily back + I am mobile since they play with directed energy weapons". It was true, unfortunately he got in war with psychologist girl, and pillow fight commenced between the two which lasted till his last stay in Poland. Both were unapologetic warriors against one another. I think good for both. No there never ever was truce between the two. Not that I would know off. Poles signaled me same tactic, but I was financially struggled. Pole bought one from American just to keep inside tires and whatever stuff...
#2 Very successful car FIAT PALIO(if you remember my talk about Fiat Palio and even audio recording from English school owner how good car Palios are) when compared to mine...American owner traveled entire Poland 1000 times selling stuff back and fact there were two Americans who teamed up since the beginning with fireworks business the two became inseparable - did well. This car was in hands of American for at least 80 to 100.000 kilometers before he told me has to give one away as is really falling apart...

Thank you very much boys.

And I do not remember what !!???? 

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