Sunday, May 3, 2020

What older Pole with American Canadian citizenship talked about amongst others under MK Ultra

that I will be closely observed(have no doubt about that) based on what will be determined what to do with me...

#1 if garage insane

#2 if camping insane

# Rooms yeah rooms and THOSE START at 700zl permonth yeah...but you will no do this...

So it becomes clearly what is who. In situation as explained here that you would go for a 30 kilometer walk just to be disallowed sleep very same night(wake up more beaten up than the night earlier which was already bad) 500 Zl far far too much money...tortured to the point you would consciously reject healthy food..endup throwing one in a trash can doing all you possibly could to refrain yourself from what place was intended for to become...

But its good to have identified one...great to have identified one / great to have obtained more proofs - will admit you all it is great - just that you will never ever get to see court in Poland. Clue = things made impossible to degree one would dedicate himself to work instead of side "rescue" play.

They tested others at this location which was referred between MK Ultra staff members even as Cannibal pit.

Yeah, go ahead and rent for 700Zl or more and good luck to you discovering next pit of joy. "rescuing" can be really really fun you know(you can pay more for 500Zl room to and get same fun for higher costs too - either way you choose)...funny in fact.

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