Monday, November 16, 2020

I charge United States of America and Poland with acts of terrorism against citizen of Slovenia with also American citizenship.

 You will eat this news for some time to come as you serve as a state to neo-Nazi purposes only. You destroyed me 26 years of life like this. You ruined my life for your agenda - disregarded me as a human being while preaching world about human rights.

Poland insisted on how Armenian LAVROV who visited one(was a visitor of terror cell in Lodz Gorna|( where I stayed several months) will save me from Vladimir Putin - just do your job say nothing....Kanye West on how Kardashians will save me via his presidency -  just do your job say nothing, and finally how Armenian now prime minster Nikol Pashinyan will save me  -  just do your job say nothing....anything else is new !!???? 

Have seen hundreds like this of which none ever somehow managed to save other than own butt via lies.

Armenia - this is a terrorist state !!!

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