Thursday, July 9, 2020

Yet another location where MK Ultra test subjects lodged - this was just for few members and I recall foremost Ukrainians involved in MK Ultra that would stay in here

2008 if not even 2005/2006 - Presented to me under MK Ultra as reward location. Something not given to test subjects, but would be given to me in case I would begun to "fail"(imagione to be brought inside of the location where brought for torture for no less than 21 years - location is without toilet, w/o stove, w/o sink and loaded with past which is complemented via main stream media with issues of those involved in torture from the past - yeah, can't but other than blame myself for failiure specially after some 1000 job application submitted were turned down and so on)

Even better I cite owner whose names appears to be Krzysiek(yes yes, its a male owner and always was) "what about if he no longer would wantto stay in Lodz...we must come up we came up with tralala just to keep you wlalala"(sprechen sie po Polsku)....seems place was turned in mean while into Zoology shop...MK Ultra staff member - Polish individual(MK Ultra staff member) who met me Katowicah on a bus station(was inside in where I am at right now in 2015) told me for Katowice and this very location that both no longer are in service and everyone is only waiting for me. It was with him I went for the last time to Czech republic via Katowice in 2015 when brought to Poland from Slovenia via MK Ultra. How this very place no longer is in service is in question...I have not spent any time almost in this very place(slept in there perhaps two days next to MK Ultra staff member is all I can recall and interior is still wood made what gestures even a possible setup).
Since I have now 5 cats, you can see name of the place also is ZOO SHOP so I wouldn't have any problems with it AND FOR JUST 350 ZLOTY - they designed whole path haven't they. In Poland otherwise, is very difficult to find flat which would allow pats. OWNERS IN AGREEMENT WITH ONE ANOTHER(system is known as once you absorb all damage its time to move to next location - you get idea about what went on and what goes on - you practically work to destroy yourself). HYAH 

What is it we can not not with stick just about anything can be done heh...V I O L E N T   A S    I T   G E T S



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