Thursday, July 9, 2020

No one used services of Ghislaine Maxwell more frequent than Prince Andrew - I have noooo idea on how Lucifer possibly can/could condemn one

She was SUPER accepted in circles of Donald Trump and Andrew. In circle of all US politicians that count. At her house you see on photo exclusively, Ghislaine Maxwell appeared to me as nice(really strange as she was plain nasty on quite a few other locations/occasions - extremely unpleasant to be next to her and others drugged up) for perhaps even what was last time she have seen me in real time. I refused to want to have anything even to do with her at first on that occasion due to her past(in what I think was 2012/2013 or perhaps even 2015), but was talked into it by others...she was several times intimate with Prince Andrew, so I have nooo idea how he can possibly condemn her. 

Why also my case...

Andrew attempted to use my case as easening circumstances for involvement into pedophilia and other abuse in the past - its what US Government granted him as the right(that I would identify certain issues which only could have if close to people as such and this would help him to either get reduced sentence or no sentence at all - you can even see TIMING WISE entire MK Ultra program ran along US investigation). Her house is located as the last one in this settlement, but neighbors from settlement do know about what went on here - meaning they know very well about who used to visit one.

Specially because of what took place in Poland in 2018/ 2019/2020, I refuse to grant Andrew easing circumstances of any kind if you already think loss of 25 years of MY life was a cat joke.

PRINCE ANDREW ALSO USED DOPPELGANGERS UNDER MK ULTRA WITH IDEA TO ALTER MY DECISION BY EVEN GESTURING ME IF NOT SEEING THINGS HIS WAY TO ACTUALLY JUDGE AGAINST MYSELF - had exactly knowledge of here seen female FBI official(because Andrew has deep inside of US justice system via US politicians - he knows how officers investigating his case look like and who they are) on how she will present the case to public on board etc. Used her doppelganger to gesture me under MK Ultra previously stated on how its just a test to see if I can pass one and same was the case with girl who witnessed against Andrew's acts of pedophilia. 

Andrew also insisted for Virginia Roberts Giuffre(he used her doppelganger under MK Ultra) to suggest me under MK Ultra how two are behind public curtain a friends and its how whole thing is used to just net public enemies in trap. DANGEROUS AS IT GETS !!!

No pardon on this end + you don't talk to female(and have lied to me about her as per two having consensus with one another) the way you did on your last interview where/when you expressed no public regrets for wrongdoings. YOU AND YOUR FAMILY ARE UP TO NOOOOO GOOD. Nothing Royal about you and your rOYAL relatives.

I have no regrets for my acts in life, but I do have regrets for certain things to still exist in this world.



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