Tuesday, July 7, 2020

With stomach full, I forget about my all fears location :)))

#1 Correct
#2 Sometimes
#3 No never, camera didn't see right

It was like this also yesterday :))) and they just returned back for second round:)))) Its mom that brings them over...calls(so softly/gently) them even. Talks them to come.

Here seen dinner on a third day of regular feeding. There is YUGE story about cats to tell and some fear one as hell. Like Trump for an instance who hired entire crew for something as seen here not to happen(actually to fail possibly even with inflicting me most severe injuries). The electrician above me seems no longer is playing I LOVE ROCK AND ROLL(under MK Ultra have brainwashed me time and again how sing will remind me of my loosing money unemplyed feeding cats, "I love rock n' roll
So put another dime in the jukebox, baby" ) and INSANE LEVEL OF POLICE SIRENS(none outside as I would open windows on several occasions) direct noise(not voice) to skull games...its silence after he released his last as promised vacuum noise. They lost even war for cats. Will explain everything about what went on here.
 Two piles of trashes where momma cat still lives with four kittens. Either here or

here...they soon will be all together with me I hope...small tent inside of this studio(will prepare one for them) is where will place them in :)))) we will all sleep together on the floor, but happy :)))

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