Wednesday, July 8, 2020

What new location location looks like - the security futures about which I should keep my mouths shut as told under MK Ultra or otherwise

 Regular feature which was the case with all MK Ultra locations - entrance door opens on out as seen here is very very important as door can't be secured this way at night, and so tenants goes moon walking withing no time. Was case with each and every location in Poland.

 No way will you see outside from your residence, should be the opposite way. A bit childish but nonetheless scary when you consider above and bellow features. 

 With lock like this, you are as good as dead even so if installing a new one. I will let you see why.

 Here is why. Gives one even access to interior of lock installed.

 But you can see what is happening inside of the residence do...almost whole place.
 From outside
And from inside....

Changing lock on a place like this makes NOOOO(ZERO) sense as you see. None whatsoever as whole door is as good as piss.

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