Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Law, and Justice, and Poland(its like Al Capone, Bugsy Siegel, and Pope John Paul II - or is it perhaps the opposite way !!????)

A common Polish criminal from so called "LAW AND JUSTICE PARTY" whose name is Andrzej Duda claims to always had nothing but absolutely positive view on European Union :)))) He sure did have positive view on one. He had in fact a positive view on everything that represent crime out there and if didn't see one in one, he made sure to turn one into crime. There is only one thing this Polish president(his mentor Kaczynski and brothers Morawiecki/Tusk) didn't have, and that is a positive relationship with LAW AND JUSTICE outside of the name of his political party(PiS - law and justice if translated from Polish). Funny thing...not I as he would want me to be seen as, he is the one taking from Poland away legacy of Polish Pope John Paul II. Poland becoming well known about opposite of what John Paul II fought for thanks to this individual and his supporters.

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