Friday, July 10, 2020

There you have it, and then "you won't have to watch Trump no more" is what Andrew stated(last little detail at pRINCE Andrew's request Trump would have to complete prior to his departure from presidential seat) - ALL DONE VIA FBI'S COVER-UP AND WAS TOLD BY FBI ON HOW I SHOULDN'T EVEN INTERFERE AS FBI DOES NOTHING TO PROTECT MEMBERS OF PUBLIC WHEN PEOPLE SUCH AS ROYALS ARE INVOLVED IN CRIME

Federal Officials Reportedly 'Worried' Epstein Associate Ghislaine Maxwell May Attempt to Kill Herself

FBI doesn't care about America nor world - head folks at FBI have other plans for agency, and America knows it.

Geraldo Rivera(KNOWS EVERY DETAIL ABOUT THIS VERY CASE) was involved in MK Ultra and took very strong stand against what went on in background. 

I hated him back then for aggressive approach toward MK Ultra situations(got literately in my face when drugged up and in verbal war with Trump others involved) for which he deemed I bared some sort of responsibility, but command him today for his bravery.

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