Sunday, July 5, 2020

Soviet Union never ever was strong enough to follow its citizens to USA or Western Europe where one would list them as good as dead via forced unemployment - tiny Slovenia won't be either

I am not here to make commercial for USSR either in respect to Trump's "Totallainatiasimmm"...incompetence is incompetence and crime crime. I would like to know from FBI since Americans who were here in Poland reported me to you as a hijacked abused person subjected to merciless torture what exactly stopped you from doing your job. 

I see Epstein was killed - he was of no use once imprisoned on what one was murdered(we will as result never know everything and he was the only one who could give first hand account on American and other politicians involved in crime) and now his accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell seems to be heading in same direction - WILL BE INCARCERATED AND AS SUCH AS GOOD AS DEAD TILL DEAD(its with whom and how secrets are also best kept with).

What happened to Anastasia Vashukevich who was gonna give you audio/video recorded proofs of American politicians(entire spectrum of American politicians who claimed they never met one or were in Russia/Belarus and so on) whoring along Putin across the Eastern Europe !!???? 

Why she had to be jailed in Thailand and sent to Russia(not even to Belarus, but first to Moscow for Putin's terror session and then sent home to Belarus) since you declined to assist her plea and have instead even turned her back !!!?????

Explanation on how everything was Trump's fold or how big bad "Woolf Putin"(160cm tall criminal from suburbia from poor city slum) is just so powerful is not enough reasonable to me...

Or is it perhaps I shouldn't ask questions because my asking them makes your job difficult !!???? That is JOB THAT IS ALREADY LONG OVERDUE(your conduct ruined my life and no less than 25 years of one as well as lives of many other people of which many were Americans alone) AND EXTREMELY DAMAGING UNLESS YOU CONSIDER COUNTRY ON FIRE TO BE ICE CREAM.

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