Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Owner who organised plot with cats now using neighbor to blame it all on me

I am the one who is feeding beasts(cats) according to neighbor(dispatched by owner who lost no less than three bets in respect to cats - first that  will ignore cats, second that I would hurt myself due to disc injury by removing two closets from side of the room to other and possibly lifting as instructed by Americans as the first even super heavy sofa bed to accommodate cats inside, third ability to blame it all on me and even challenge me via nimal control issues or cat ownership if you like) because of my most likely being a Muslim and this most likely to make his life tough and its why animal control must be dispatched is what he insisted along second witness whom he brought with him.

Neighbor who stated me all this also feeds cats(he does with fried bones, not with food - feeds them with his leftovers but only bones is what they get what could under normal circumstances and should really be reported to police - not animal control) and is not doing what am doing(serving cats with good food on plates) according to him - is not normal to have beasts all over the place you know and dogs and cats and such(he touched issue of two dog owners here as well not only myself).

Even nasty area with chairs which I cleaned up next to entrance(ruined 30 or more years old sofas covered with trash seating in rain for two decades) and afterwards covered one with blanket for cats to be there is something that prevents him according to him from using property as intended to be used according to one....

A blood stain for which he gestured was at his filthy entrance(entrance covered by tree leaves and garbage he nested there himself to blame it all on me) was removed and even his rug I cleaned up for politically corrupt asshole whom I have at the beginning already explained that the only beast I see here is himself not cats.

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