Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Donald Trump highly satisfied in respect to Poland and I am too

Not that I would be done arguing with logic - not at all as he insisted as per my leaving Poland. He wanted to absorb all the credit for crime against me in Poland along with Buckingham palace/Berlin and its why crime appealed to Pollacks(f*** that story about Duda/Kaczynski etc. - its Poland that wanted and wants it that way). as they wouldn't be the one seen to blamed for after all no even that crime was done by them in their own country(if only other Slavs wouldn't see this case and all would be good was the name of Polish plot) !!????

And since is okay to do a human being in Poland whatever it takes to earn $$$$ as long as your Polish ass is covered by Lucifer(US/UK/DE  don't mind to be acknowledged as such by Slavic individual as the name of the game is divide and conquer game here), you also are more related to them than to other Slavs. Well done on Trump's behalf.

Life is struggle which one has to continue and at times one has to argue even with logic to survive, but I am done in respect to arguing with crime(not logic as Trump insisted case will be - crime yes) in Poland. 

For me Poland is like a dead spot on the map along with Slovenia. 

Is there somewhere, but is not and never will be an option again. 

And yes, you can have it. I can't give what never ever was mine of the first place. People know best what is good and what bad for them, but blaming me for screwing up entire world, Poland no longer will be capable to perform - not even with assistance of totally fake US social activists which collected considerable projects(were awarded for silence once their names were mentioned with anywhere from lucrative TV shows, sold books, concerts, discounted real estate etc. - for silence which costs us all)  $$$ during Trump's crises in US alone.

Poland boosted Trump in his crises as much as they were capable to do so even in post MK Ultra period...this is why it was in Poland folks. To sell world, one has to be Trump and name of the country Poland. Good luck

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