Saturday, November 2, 2019

We can't allow O'rourkes and Trumps teach us tolerance for what resulted in death of over 70 million people just 70 something years ago

Open condemnations of American neo-Nazi president surprisingly didn't get any further from Beto O’Rourke who gave cruicial moral support to Trump by quitting what one didn't even start yet, and so we can't allow neo-Nazi dialog on political regardless of how low(perhaps even interesting to some to observe American president in a form of human being as Trump) to go on either way.

Impeachment is an excuse for what should be arrest(people like Trump faced Nurnberg firing squads - not impeachments) and even this one is uncertain will take place due to totally controlled opposition.

How many people did Beto sold out to Trump's intelligence via his fake public outcry is a great question. One, however, must not stop or even determine what world have obligated to 70 years aago must never ever repeat.

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