Saturday, November 2, 2019

Black Panthers(most deserved for destabilizing American society) president continues to agitate - incites(plans to revive) in hatred

Looks like a black racist is not done yet and would like to steer some more problems which he foremost created within American society. And so here we go again...looks like it will be another round. More hatred...more anger...more dead - its about Barack Obama.

I call black and white to reject people Trump/Obama alike. I call blacks to most strictly condemn Obamas and whites to condemn Trumps. I call both to END corruption issues for either side that represents more and more often seen underground civil war(what do you think mass shootings - school shootings and other forms of killings are if not controlled via MKultra plots/exchnage between two sides). It is in best interest of American society to terminate with prejudice any kind of interests for such activities that intersect with one another(both sides are quiet about what goes on under the table as both see themselves empowered through such rituals - such rituals are surely taking country on a path of civil war) and implement the return of law according to constitution of the country.

Black or white racist makes no difference.

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