Saturday, November 2, 2019

Here is my reply to labor inspector in Lodz on her answer to my complain - whatever left from savings(car) was in most part already stolen from me

On fourth as the car scam was designed and for what I was told the case will be, I will lose registration of place of stay(zameldowanie - as you know it took me 15 months in Poland despite the law to find pre selected landlord used for exactly here explained issue and beyond if I wouldn't manage to resist crime - this location was used to financially and morally destroy me completely). Well, in Poland I was told law requires for car title transfer registered place of stay as well as full technical examination. Car at this point is not even mobile as there most likely is no transmission liquid left inside of the transmission. So you can see that LANDLORS(all of the as they were used to shovel me from one place to another via violence) were used along with others to murder/kill. Torture in worst way possible, cripple(I doubt that I will ever recuperate from it as I found myself with same pain as was during employment), and steal savings in record time. Push rope around one's neck.

The technical examination of ruined vehicle must be done by 13th of this month(or you pay the double registration  fee again) and on 4th of this month I will move to yet another pre-selected location. Mechanic involved in MKultra told me even that Polish law in respect to catalytic converters(am not sure if true, but I did audio record here stated) changed this or last year what made things in respect to the vehicle even more impossible. I no longer have to worry about finding work with so many problems you know it.

Whether they did it for money or for other issues I do not know and do not care. Most likely(money 100%) for both. I will upgrade genocide complain at UN/EU court to a higher level. Not a way to treat people like this and still consider myself s human being despite all.

Job I have done in Poland(never mind exaggeration of work overload) was even on list of prohibited jobs in Europe/US as per health concerns. They modernized manual physical options(loading boxes described in my complain is done via hydraulic machines) to the point that would reduce what I endured to about 10%.

What people commit themselves to for about year or so, yields them houses(they get to save on average 80/90k or more in cash per year). Example Not in Poland...

I got instead vagabonds asking me if I am searching for new job the next day...vagabonds which never tried any physical work asking me if I am on my way to work etc.

From $1500 that employer paid for three months of crippling on behalf of Donald Trump, even $150 worth car was stolen back this way. Showering myself in ice water and saving on electricity/heating did yield me fine results as you see. I am also the one who should apologize for insulting people while being tortured(appologise for having 25 years of live ruined via forced unemployment, psychiatric torture and so on).

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