Sunday, November 3, 2019

STUPID ASKS: My Hospital Was Bombed by Putin and Assad. Why Won’t America Hear Our Cries?

Well...its because Putin and America work together for one thing :))) And Assad is a nobody a nothing. He is just a puppet on stage next to American and Russian tanks. Thats all. Don't you worry much longer...they want you all out of the picture for good anyways.

Brutal stupidity deserves brutal answers. Continue to read whatever is that you read out there to pop more questions as seen above in your head.

Question so stupid that I have to ask myself if you alone are not working for Putin or Trump. According to US statistics, most of white Americans were brainwashed to see themselves as Germans in case you didn't know.
I would say join Israel, but Netanyahu dislikes 3/4 of Jews in own country due facial trades you are very much on your own is how I see it. Arabia sold you as well. Arabia will assit with extermination of other Arabs first to find herself(like Russia) as the last one on the same list. Pretty smart these nazis no :))) Sorry for being a bit sarcastic - need publicity to wake people up to reality. 

Controlled politeness(propriety with death) from United Nations doesn't do much neither for you and nor for myself as you see.

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