Saturday, November 2, 2019

I also prefer people from from Guinea or Ivory Coast to "clandestine networks of NEONAZI Frenchmen"

I like French people. Think its a great nation, but what few caused me is just as bad as it gets(Macron now silent like a mouse about this very case was/is one of them). Comparing his taste to beautiful Ukrainian and Bulgarian people can explain to us Slavs what we truly present as a people on a greater neo-Nazi scale in which Moscow has implicated itself via Putin.
I am indeed grateful to Macron for his comment as Romanian(very beautiful too) neighbor fits right into our greater Polish/Ukrainian circle of Eastern Europeans. I certainly hope/count on the revival of forgotten(thorn apart by wars and Soviet oppression) parts of Europe which have much greater potential than Germany/France together. Together we are strong. 

In contrast to Macron, I have met quite a few very decent French people in my life(feel for them deeply to suffer disgrace on such a multitude as Macron is).

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