Sunday, November 3, 2019

How Andrzej Duda saw my crippling case as

Most of the Polish people whom I met were in game to help as much as they possibly could. Few along with politicians Duda, Morwaiecki, and their mentor Kaczynski saw it different.

Will repeat his words, "car will be used to deprive you of everything you will do for people at work...all the credits you will earn with people will be stripped from you via this very car"....

Mr. Duda(its how political MKultraa works and one should be aa great lesson on what often turns) anticipated my turning against Polish people as a nation. Duda with his mentor Kaczynski my wandering around the world and cursing Poland basically...freshly painted house next to the little home where I stay should via pathos represent me I my head Poland and I should see myself next to one in a small house as a poor broken bastard falling apart :))) Its what Mr. Duda anticipated case would be. There is nothing normal(forget about nice) hiding behind his tie and smile. Anyhow...

Let me repeat for Mr. Duda and do so crippled(I am in a bad spine pain in the mornings for which actually for which I think will not go away).

THE BEST JOB I EVER HAD WAS THE ONE I HELD DURING LAST FOUR MONTHS RIGHT HERE IN ZGIERZ...SEEING WHAT I SEE TODAY, I WOULDN'T HASSISATE TAKING ONE OVER AND OVER AGAIN. CAR I BOUGHT EVEN FOR THE PRICE OF THROWING ONE ON JUNKYARD IF I HAVE TOO, I WOULD HAVE BOUGHT ONE AGAIN. JUST TO MAKE SERGEI FEEL BETTER I WOULD(I was also a car salesman in US who sold quite a few cars and would have never ever purchase car without even looking/asking for technical booklet and maintenance records of the vehicle as the case was this time)....

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 Its a beautiful country and beautiful people and I just want to thank Zgierzans for everything. Their intentions were not same as of politicians. Politicians used MKultra procedure torture for the division of society and have dared to condition the truth about one in post MKultra period with what you read here...the two(people and politicians) are n ot the same as you see...very different in fact.

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