Sunday, July 8, 2018

Russian Adolf Hitler(tsar Putan Putanowich) imports top neonazi colonizers from South Africa(will be beneficial in enslavement of Russia and for the sake of creation of new master race which will systematically eliminate present Russian population).

As South Africans eliminate slavery principles, famous colonizing parasites from Holland find new host on Russian soil(how crazy, not enough space for 35.000 people in USA or Western Europe or Australia, but are forced to Russia is how now Putan Putanowich rationalizes South African situation - Putanowich daughter's long time boyfriend is Dutch as well because native Russians are for her and hur father just not white enough).
Lets just wish South African "victims of so called white genocide"(this murderous creatures have owned and own almost entire land in South Africa that can be used for farming - all mineral mains are in hands of so called whites who do not recognize as white even British or other whites - this is just how racist Boers are) Russians to live in peace and harmony and not what the case was in the past thought the Europe and Russia when parasites would do nothing but exploit Slavs as domestic force and cannon food in wars against other Slavs(such was the case with entire Eastern Europe and its why Eastern Europe got read of what South Africa is doing today already long long time ago).

Thanks to MKULTRA's knowledge, each and every one of my prophecies are coming to life.

Russian whites which are not deemed to be white enough, will spend their lives jobless/homeless or will escape to Arab/Israeli world were words to me by future tsar Putan Putanowich.

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