Sunday, July 8, 2018

#1 LOSER OF THE WORLD CUP: Croatians(4.5 mil.) demonstrated foremost to UKRAINE what human will(mental competence) can accomplish on Russian terrain against Russian Adolf Hitler

Russian team(picked out of 145+ mil.people) was beaten up and kicked out of soccer world cup in Russia infront of "great" Russian fuhrer by team from tiny Croatia(BIG RUSSO FUHRER HAVE "EXCUSED" HIMSELF AFTER CROATIA WOULDN'T AGREE TO LOSE GAME - THIS IS HOW PUTIN PLAYS/ATTENDS HIS GAMES AND THIS WAS ARRANGEMENT EVEN WITH BRITISH GARETH SOUTHGATE). Not with 2:2 as main stream media loves to lie, but 4:3 for Croatia(luckily for Russia as Russians lost in the past regularly with even more than three goals of difference against Croatia ).
Beating of fuhrer's team infront of Russian and international public was so bad that Putan  Putanowich couldn't accept realty as sports game, but have instead hidden himself in background far from public as whole thing could jeopardize his "reputation"(Putin knows and quality admits what whole world keeps itself from saying out loud) - Medvedev(READ) instead replaced disgraced Kremlin's statesman and have congratulated proud female Croatian president Kolindica Grabar Kitarovic.

Whole thing reminded a lot and
reminds of...

Disgraced "tsar" Putan Putanowich somehow mentally recuperated from big loss(he is so weak that he have hidden himself during soccer game in TV basement, so people could see big tsar enraged and possibly even crying) and have according to foreign press congratulated("thanked") "his" team BIZARRE.
Tears in eyes...disappointment and foremost what  I see is Balkanization no different from the one in Serbia(perhaps even worse as Russian people are regularly beaten up into pulps and jailed in the middle of the day in the middle of the main Russian capital Moscow for exercising free speech)...

Sad sad path for Russia, but world grabbed RussoSerbian challenge and much much more will happen outside of the soccer field(things have gone too far, too many of us suffered, and both countries are very weak - way too weak for what is coming - you can blame Kremlin and Belgrade for a while, but when it becomes obvious that population takes heat for the sake of the two, its time to turn table in right direction)...

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Kosovo Polje(music in Hercules' background - this Russian lunatic calls for new war - rather ethnic cleansing as Kosovo is almost entirely Albanian) looked not too long ago like this...


You brought disaster to your neighbors, but the biggest disaster will(already are 20 million of them who survive on less than $139 per month) face your own people !!!


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