Sunday, July 5, 2020

The last act of Donald Trump - before he is gone

Will be this here and was deputized to so by Buckingham's palace. FBI will made it all happen possible. Watch and see.

Ghislaine Maxwell was extremely righteous person. Very very much concerned for human rights. Real advocate for human rights is what she was and according to her I was a racist bigot(I AM GLAD THAT IT WAS LIKE THAT - @PAEDO CLUB - THANK YOU ;).

Today I know why because when drugged up(they had one girl who was pimped into paedo club all the time with them even as a grown up - she became great friend with Ghislaine Maxwell and Andrew/Trump would ongoing keep her in their company), I sure didn't. Yeah disgusting alright.

I suspect for Epstein being even alive. There is such thing as afterlife club and Ghislaine Maxwell has all credentials to get there. 

Media's reality defers all to much(COMPLETELY) from real reality.

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