Sunday, July 12, 2020

RACIST Russian FASCIST Sergey Ivanovich Furgal, gets removed from process due to previous crime he committed against against fellow Russians

Member of notorious neonazi pro German Russian party known as Liberal Democratic Party of Russia, was escorted from public by police. Surprising are events which concern my own MK Ultra 
case in respect to Sergey Ivanovich Furgal who ate first claimed was a Russian like all Russians to latter become very territorial gesturing how its I cite, "10 of us and no one can do a anything to us" and the latest(am uncertain on how brought there again sometimes in 2017 and its why I believe it was actually Poland where incident took place where brought from Belarus, but if not by Poles it was via Poland) I cite Putin's imitators as "on my watto tsarist title, I got everything in my hands except Sergey Ivanovich Furgal, but he too if somehow manages to get into Duma will be removed as I already arranged all in advance". Now lets go to see how news about Sergey Ivanovich Furgal popped up and when.

#1 When
News about appeared exactly few hours(on July 11th) after my releasing on July 10th in late evening hour news as AND 24 HOURS PRIOR TO POLISH PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS - Poland didn't only organised political crime in 2017, but attempted to misuse me as a tool against Russia - against Russian people for the sake of German $$$$$. Its about DUDA today and in my opinion and till proven opposite, about DUDA#2 that Poland is deciding. Like I have stated, we are running German elections today in Poland. Big day for Germany - not such a big for Poland.

#2 How
Poland supported along Germany a German politic in Russia against Russia via two was Zhirinovsky and another one was Alexei Navalny.

It wasn't once that Zhirinovsky barked at me and in past even against Poland as he attempted to blame one for 2007 assassination plot in Slovenia via MK Ultra, but it seems like he got more out of it...

Nope, this isn't about my giving a support of any kind  but not up to me to allow Duda who is pushing global neonazi colonialist agenda forward either and this at my expense. Not up to me to choose between which Hitler is more suitable for presidential seat than the other...OF COURSE I STILL REJECT PUTIN, BUT NO EXTRA POINTS TODAY FOR MR. ANDRZEJ DUDA VIA HIS FILTHY PLAY WITH WHICH ONE IS PUSHING SLAVIC NATIONS INTO GREATER AND GREATER CONFLICT AGAINST ONE ANOTHER FOR THE SAKE OF GERMAN POLITIC.

When first time in Russian fareast where Polish minority exists also, was sometimes I estimate in 1998 or so and this with Kaczynskis. Prior and after that(have audio recordings at hand to proof stated here with facts) many many times with Russians along which two  times I can recall even presence of Americans.

May you rotten in jail Mr. Sergey Ivanovich Furgal and happy Hitler's reelections of 2020 in Poland.

No German politicians - Russian traitors inside of Russian parliament representing German interests against Russia and rest of the Slavs !!! 

Russia is a Slavic not German puppet state.

Donald Trump/Buckingham palace's Berlin politic falling appart - fading away...drifting entire country/countries along with them into BLACK HOLE :))))

Black hole news is I was brainwashed by American side will be related to black people("PAY ATTENTION TO ONE WHENEVER APPEARING IN NEWS MEDIA ITS WHAT WE WILL HYPE PEOPLE WITH TO GET OUR AGENDA GOING") - Obama as dragging humanity into point of no return...brainwashed over and over again with one just to get to this very location also known as point of no return and total failure of great American neonazi deep state. Deep American British German neonazi state in total distress. 911 ALL OVER AGAIN BUT WORKING ITS WAY TOWARD OPPOSITE SIDE THIS TIME.

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