Saturday, July 11, 2020

Mr. Daniel Smith - Flagstaff, Arizona

Is the name of main American psychologist(lookalike Peter McLaren almost entirely - his reflection whom, however, I wsn;t capable to trace on internet as per obtaining photo) who ran entire MK Ultra case. He was born in Flagstaff, Arizona, but lived just as I stated up North and down South in Florida. At least two doppelgangers were used of which one was Israeli and another individual Peter McLaren.
 He took me to GB to meet here seen psychologist...
His high school friend whom I met when he brought me to Flagstaff for MK Ultra. She even kept sporty sweater on as she promised would ;)

Its amazing and amusing just how little or nothing human life is worth. Thanks to link seen here is how I found both individuals. Peter and Daniel. Much worse than needle in haystack.

Thank you to police for NOTHING other than problems/crime along the way toward the truth.

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