Wednesday, July 15, 2020

NOT TRUTH: I heard people claiming that cats don't care about people as much as dogs - are used to only food

Its like this...this mother of four little tiny kittens today when feeding her(two days ago the same without even feeding one) rejected food(irresistible salami imagine that) and somehow without even knowing how it will feel demanded from me to pet her - touch her...

It was awkward as it appeared she didn't even know what to expect - had no clue on where my hand will land on her and how would it feel for once did, but she insisted and insisted(despite being very very scared - half wild cat is what it is) for me to touch her while repeatedly declining food offered to her from hand...she would just circling me and push her tiny body against me(more and more) and literately demanded from me to touch her - demanded my petting, I know previously factor between fear and wanted to be touched so I just let her do her stuff while softly touching her - she needs to gain self confidence naturally via self initiative because its trust that goes a long way...kittens are closer and closer to me. Frog ended at the entrance to studio right next to the plate(now they bring even wild catch to plates lol😁😂) after kitten brought one from the grass and was afterwards eaten entirely  - who would have thought that frogs are so delicious to cats(I am telling you wild).

Is nothing more beautiful/pristine that wild animal.

The funniest was moment a bit earlier during day when momma cat assembled family for nursing feeding(I am glad she did because fourth kitten in weak - small tiny tiny enough for me to fear and he is afraid to approach even to the dish full of food). This was done in a such a way(because once I started to feed cats, momma cat would call small ones to the plate to eat whenever I would serve them meal - is 100 times more intelligent than domesticated cats - has 100% mental control over tiny ones) that I served cats pasta with topped eggs and soaked into butter milk(its very good full of vitamins and once you prepare pasta and fry one on oil with topped eggs you sit whole thing for few minutes in buttermilk to absorb buttermilk - important to absorb whole thing as too much buttermilk could make them sick - milk is a total nono) -  and this-creates for cats otherwise sensitive to lactose irresistible mixture which also reminds them of mothers'milk :))) and so there you have it before you know while sunbathing, they stimulated her in nursing feeding what also was very good for her since she is quite full of food now. She did recovered herself a lot with provided meals from what case was when I met her first(poor thing would do nothing but blowing and pointing me her sharp teeth whenever I would approach her - she however knew fast I wasn't there to harm her as mush as she was afraid to eat from my hands, she wouldn't bite my fingers - did a little bit, but not much at all and now she is like the politest cat in the world - politest because I gave her space to understand who I am and if she was domesticated it would be more of reflex/automatic acknowledgement vs relationship based on total acceptance/understanding which I build with her).

Not trying to say that domesticated animals aren't intelligent, but when compared to wild or half wild its a totally different concept that plays role for one when building the relationship. 

Wild has instincts at highest level and is on alert 24/7 for every little step you make - domestic takes almost everything as granted/normal and is as such passive/lethargic if compared. That still doesn't mean that one can't build relationship just as strong with animal or perhaps even stronger as survivability makes them feel(understand more) more.

She didn't care about food....looked at me in a really really funny when offering her food rather than touching her...continued to in fact teach me(its how fear is overcome) to touch her....just beautiful. When calling her, here and then, she would even run to me from outside to inside of the studio like a dog on three occasions :)))

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