Friday, July 3, 2020

I appeal to Meghan Markle to get REAL with herself - wake up and remind yourself who you are next to

While no longer in UK(GB for me), you are next to man who wore neonazi uniform in his youth. Your scandals for which you didn't have any proofs a court which you could use to refute whatever claims were(IN REALLY CHALLENGING WORLD WE FACE AS SOCIETY, NO ONE CARES ABOUT PILLOW FIGHTS BETWEEN YOU AND YOUR DAD AND PAPARAZZI ETC. OTHER THAN BUCKINGHAM PALACE WHEN FACED WITH REAL PEDOPHILIA ACCUSATIONS) surfaced during real crises one faced for the first time. 

I think it was a smart choice for you to move out of Buckingham palace's proximity and somewhat on time, but you still must look over yourself and not allow someone to affect you mentally enough for you to see yourself increasingly as privileged vs others in US and prosecuted against during crises these people face for their wrongdoings. 

I could tell a lot about you and Harry in respect to what you mention even as "mental during pregnancy", but instead choose to go on about it and even give you thumbs up for standing up for the right cause during MK Ultra sessions.

@Others(friends) next to Meghan Markle - watch a bit closer what goes on with/around her will you.

@Meghan - keep it real. Don't distance yourself from old friends for whom you know are good people.

Look a bit dates girl and wake up. There is such thing as youtube am certain you know about. You have friends if you don't feel comfortable giving interview to professional reporter(if no other option is available such as court as far as lack of proofs), but don't start to see yoursef in mirror the way someone next to you would want you to and reject your past because of some titles and such. 

I know to be prince or king is not just like that...I know that not just anybody can be one and one must be born to be one ;) I know the royal etiquette is a special one...the DOS and DONTS in public(never piss behind tree guys because cameras can see you and you will not become royal).

Meghan Markle 'felt unprotected by the royal institution because palace press officers couldn't defend her against TRUE stories that angered her' <== DID YOU EXPECT THEM TO PROTECT YOU FROM WHATEVER THEY ORGANISED TO PROTECT THEMSELVES !!???

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