Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Extremely unpleasant for me to report to potential employers used by Polish government during MK Ultra torture

They gave dead lines as per when one is to get job or otherwise - connected issues(threats) to elections. Have young technicians with laptops in hands seat infront of businesses for which I was told I must apply at to get employment and so on....

Its done via sleep deprivation to the point individual can barely function as the case will be was told under MK Ultra(you sleep when we want you to sleep and not whenever we don't allow you too). I guess degree of violence needed to accomplish desired results via radiation - directed energy attacks during which WHITE CELLS are affected the most. As for leukocyte and gland nodes(causes blood pressure issues) I was told for torture to go as far as my being forced to take blood transfusions at certain point and time. Never was answered weather blood transfusions will be temporary or permanent.

Americans got to me via Poland(Poland pressured Slovenia) not Russia. West used in late stages Poland to get me transported there which was authorized and assisted by Slovenian government.

I see such actions as terrorism and a threat to civilized world and will hold Warsaw responsible for its actions.

I cite local employer where I should go report myself for work today, "if you will not find elsewhere employment then I guess come to me"....

I guess you have to hate life in Poland heh !!????? Life this is something you have to hate is what I learned in Poland.

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