Saturday, July 4, 2020

Donald Trump is nothing more than evil retard - he never spoke second language and even English is a problem

Ehhhaaahhhhhujjjjjhhh knows price of everything and cost of nothing retard lives for hatred/ envy. Bluetooth in his ears dictating him speech didn't do him good either...had problem descending 4.8-degree ramp at the West point...

I think is picking up on disabled because he alone is one of them and is ashame of what he truly is for one thing. "Grab them by the p****" sounds big for 9 years old who knows not what is talking about and shoot them in the legs is a serious sin of pathos in an individual. Resentment for color of the skin because as I stated individual is mentally retarded hater who makes living out of making normal human beings hell out of their lives.

They prepare poor speech to plagiarist idiot(write one for "president"), and one is not capable to even to repeat few words that are out of his incredibly poor English vocabulary.

@Donald Trump - you speak English retard !!????? This is your language no !!??? Where were you giving speech and what are you so proud of !!????

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