Saturday, July 11, 2020

Cats are back and they eventually ate from my hand this morning(even kittens) - they seems will move in too

I was well smelled at the work table by kittens who seems have occupied dwell(don't know for how long, but they inspected one closely - they seems to like tent)...important is that are okay as I really started to worry for their well being yesterday. As cats entered owner hurried to ask me how many cats do I have :)) insisting on how I need to get read(sell them) of them despite my explaining him on how cats aren't mine, but from them alone(even asked me whose cats are) :))) Important is cats are okay.

To give them away, they first have to get used to at least to a single human being as giving wild cats away is just a no no in my opinion. This could be accomplished within two or three weeks at least, but then again this is the situation and I have a very very little to say. I try to help.

Cameras are all over the place.

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