Saturday, May 9, 2020

MK Ultra - Dobron, Poland claims Freelancer is my location

Not truth, but I thank freelancer cite for reminding me of what went on there(remember main all star lady from Dobron city involved in case, forest whereabouts and so on - it was late arrival to Dobron - started in 2013). Yes, we spent time there as well and I remember although never supposedly there even in which house. Remember main lady involved in case as well and many other details.

My location at present is city Rzgów at old friend who worked in Austria and have thanks to this case obtained huge house alone as well as financing option for one. I remember via whom and how in case someone wants to doubt. Written here was case with ALL landlord - from first to the last THE SAME THING. Rzgów city including residents of this housing identified far beyond any needs necessary to prove MK Ultra case in this area.

Not moving to Dobron, but thank you anyways. 

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