Sunday, May 3, 2020

Brought to Poland, and other locations for torture and instructed upon return to Miami(multiple times) to sign and hand rental cheques to landlors and Norway

Wasted no less than $45.000 Dollars in cash savings + $5.000 from credit card to pay for forced unemployment(30.000 job applications declined to me on two continents) and MK Ultra torture. 

Thank for remind me of that news Mr. Buffet(news seen here absolutely not intended for Mr. Buffet). They(and you all readers) know who. And so you think this is a funny news site...think again. Never took a credit in my life time - nor was allowed to purchase real estate in US even with %50 down payments as a first you know why they have money and why I don't have one. 

Buckingham palace William along his brother Harry for example(will not even go into Trump's issues) dared to gestured me in-front of Ellen DeGeneres that he wants to see me do something outstanding like her and then that he would "help" me too...

Above mentioned money - its when ax is hanging over your throat night and day...its when you can't really sleep as you almost feel truck is on the top of you...went on like this for 5 years and then I started to hit back.

They are as violent as it gets, but then again they never paid for a rent...not a single time, so whose guilt is it in that case !!????

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