Sunday, November 3, 2019

Trump received cheers and waves from the Madison Square Garden crowd :)))) Son Eric EXCITED - we have seen this before too :)))

Prior to his departure to Don Black/David Duke's neighborhood in Florida, Trump reminds us of tradition that murdered quite a few real Americans. Nice :))))

These people don't look anywhere even near anything that would motivate Germans in preserving. Czech and Slovaks mixed a lot with Roma population while Poles with Jews. Whole in all looks good to me, and someone has to remind of the unpleasant for these DELUDED ON REALITY people truth. 
Is a classic Slovak/Czech beauty with long neck. Will not even go into issue of homeless alike Junior...

When you look yourself in a mirror, LOOK YOURSELF REALLY GOOD - beyond your cheerful crowds and media which are using you for own agenda/expectations.

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