Sunday, November 3, 2019

The biggest problem to which we witness is in fact classic looking Czech family which became deprived of reality while in US

Is a completely disbalanced family. Ivana alone looks like late Michael Jackson with her 100+ facial surgeries...Trumps have found themselves in a society in which they would love to climb up ladder by betraying entire Slavic society. Its what they brought with them(PROBLEMS) from US when in Poland and to Czech republic...IT IS IMPORTANT TO ACCEPT YOURSELF AS YOU ARE IF WE ARE TO SURVIVE AS NATIONS/PEOPLE. IMPORTANT TO REJECT HATRED/DIVISION.

Just because you have new car and new clothing and money on bank, it doesn't mean that you are part of something that was out there to even delete your grandparents(perhaps even parents). Love yourself as you are.

Roma people belong to great Indian family of people from which we Slavs alone originated. They are just late arrival to Europe compared to us. India a country with perhaps biggest cultural diversity in the world. With variety of beautiful people, folklore, and perhaps most interesting food in the world ranging across huge peninsula.

There is nothing to ashamed about other than being ashamed of yourself due to nonacceptance. Ivana(a very beautiful woman) had only one ugly side she should fear about...and that one was a loss of smile as soon s she got into marital relationship with mentally unstable man(from rapes to other insane issues which she had to face along him). Not the only casualty - one look at the kids and you can tell the same.

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