Tuesday, July 2, 2019

From tomorrow on, I will stay in Zgierz city in hostel

where I was systematically compelled via economic struggle(theft of wallet with ids, theft of bike, destruction of equipment, and other financial issues on which Polish system worked very hard on).

I will be staying in fact in room with an individual who presented himself as double agent(Ukr. and Russian) under MKultra when guided thgroughout Zgierz hostels by Russians - core idea was to get me out of Zgierz at all costs. Individual presented under MKultra yet another Polish ind. who gestured on how he already assisted in abduction to Russia and will do so for the right money again.

Valerio(Belarus) along with other Russians which freely incited in paranoia under MKultra, however, gestured on how they will have at least guy two in every hostel thgroughout Lodz/Zgierz that would be affordable for me.

This is not joke...I have recognized today employees owners of hostels and hostels back to 2003...hostel owners further fear from renting me because of Zgierz police involvement and have again proof in hands for here stated...rooms avcailable for rent became unavailablke for the rest of the year when I appeared...

Here is my new place where I will stray from tomorrow...is a very very good affordable place in my opinion - center of city embedded with job opportunities and its what I need. Russians did nothing but incitement in paranoia with their Polish police collegues. 2017 Warsaw Terespol Warsaw Lublin Lvov Minsk Vitebsk was same s****.

Very happy for new place...

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