Sunday, July 7, 2019

Cant help myself but to think over and over about

stollen mp 3 player by lady infront of her house(she cried just how she will help under MKultra to Americans) and stollen sd card via stollen wallet where I had stored videos and audios about MKultra proofs - many from people who trully wanted to help. Police which have stollen wallet sent instead of investigating(decline to file case) thug with stollen wallet at center where he lauggedin my face and extorted for more money and became motivated in my telephone with which I took photo of thug.

Its bizare and makes you wonder. Heavy issues to deal with specially as UN failed to act in any way that would benefit my situation.

All I wanted from her was to know if house wss built/rebuilt in 2003 and this is what I got beside her answer. Trully makes you wonder about whole thing.

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