Tuesday, July 30, 2019

14 days to first pay and no desire to find next place of stay

You wouldnt have one either if they would drag you from hostel to hostel and torture you via MKultea - told you in advance on what they will do with you "if you will dare to rent and so on"...

Polush police ensured that even driving license was stollen, so no vehicke would be purchased - idea was to prevent me from storing personal belongings in one. Just as the case was with stollen wallet, building owner appeared today to ask me if I got my package which he suposedly gave yesterday to apt. 10. Package arrived on Friday(he didnt bother to notify me and at local postral office they knew nothing about one either till I started severe arguments with clerk and have demanded postal office chief's assistance which after half an hoyr confirmed my claim - confirmed because before I spoke to obe, seller from China tracked my package all the way to Poland and as much as Poles lied about one, one was delivered on Friday). Owner bullied with heated issue and wanted a handshake.

What was in package !!???? Frames for new glasses which were destroyed on behalf and via Polish police as well.


Only 10%is written on here on what they have done - cant afford to write other 90% due to employment issues. What is going on witb UN!!????


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