Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Roomate gets now 3/4 meals instead of one - NOT REALLY(yet another proof of MKultra)

He never eats them do... They bring them to him as seen here,  he desplays food infront of one and he eats one as loudly(intimidatingly loud / nasty) as possible right infront of me(only his meal -not extra meals which his camerades with wives abroad bring him) and then(as soon as I am gone) they come to retrieve their food.... Explained to me under MKultra along with nose and crying issues as a reward for burglarizing and vandalizing my personal propery during sleep.

Roomate was preparing himself just yesterday a water mixed with sugar at 0300am loud enough to wake me up... this should be seen by me as a sign(have even dried old bread on heater) as a poisoned substance as was the actual case in the past... he pured bag of bred this morning left next to the window with water to do the same and have attempted to steal key from the table just yesterday.

One failiure after another and is all adding up ;) thank you guys... very "innovative" - not.

On photo,  roomate proudly desplats me three breakfasts and three lunches ;)

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