Thursday, November 30, 2017

When you will say out loud that Western leaders are playing by the book of Nazism/fascism out loud(publicly condemn them for their politics), I will believe you Putin - till then much less than nothing

We all know that dirty AmeroGerman neonazi system is trying to take Russia at all costs down, however, the real question is how to take one down since it is armed to teeth...not via war as this would mean certain end of Western existence. As a real option of the
West, only prestigious corrupt(and financed) by West apparatchiks are left....Yale student Navalny and Sobchak are only two options used by West to attack(wound) immortal red star as others are working their way via other channels(under the table)...what worries me most is the Putin's friendship with neo-Nazi American president Donald Trump and his lack for condemning neo-nazi German politics to which we witness again(why do you feel is wrong to condemn neo-nazism !!????? Because neo-nazis suggested Russian meddling in US elections and email hacking etc. !!??? WRONG !!! As a Russian president, it is your duty to meddle in foreign politics when uglier than ugly neo-nazism appears to make its comeback !!! This is why you are Russian president !!! Russian and pro Russian people are paying heavy duty in Ukraine and Baltic states just for being alive as the goal is to destroy them...the biggest price that Slavs paid for such politics was in WWII when 40 million of us perished !!!).

And the real reason for sanctions, bogus accusation of Russia in foreign meddling, war rattling etc. is the idea of getting Russia in a neo-nazi circle used to neutralize potential threat for a takeover of the world as AmeroGerman, British, French, Italian, Scandinavian system want(crave for) to recolonize(systematically wipe out other races) the world...Putin's daughter which is dating ugly Dutch neo-nazi could tell you that Holland wants South Africa back under colonial booth and so does Germany !!! As soon as grand colonization plan would be realized and neo-nazi lebensraum would be re-established, Russia would be left even more to own devices(why to import oil from Russia if you have own in the backyard...why to bother with Russian economy when there is plenty space in the recolonized world to grow one....systematic takedown of the world and Russia is what motivates West when lobbying for Russian cooperation)...

Bellow article is designed to confuse Russian people with an idea to trigger them into unknown/wondering...trigger them into ignorance(what only if...), but we do know what we want and what not...

We want red star back...we want to broaden economy with China and India(rebuild Russian trademark - identity in all fields)...and we want a president who will stand in their face and begun to question their actions that have had as a result of over 110 million people murdered since 1940(and hundreds of millions of people displaced)....eliminate Western corruption with extreme prejudice(if necessary) just as Chinese have new factories/research centers - towns throughout Syberia....present Russian society with new leveled attitude - attitude oriented toward education(self-improvement and away from alcohol/cigarettes). Entrepreneurship and hard work in a healthy competitive(awarding, but with strong sense for community = elderly/women) environment where glorious Russian past will be appreciated for new generations to come. There is enough place in Russia for one and half billion Russians and not 150 million....move your butt forward Mr. Putin...neonazi plan for takeover of the world and Russian sellout failed !!! Too little/too late...people know and will not take will not stop is !!!


Kremlin Claims U.S. Seeking To Set Russian Business Elite Against Putin Before Election

The Kremlin has accused the United States of trying to set the Russian business elite against President Vladimir Putin ahead of a March 2018 election that is expected to hand him a new six-year term.

Putin's spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, used what he said was a series of written questions from an international news agency as a platform to make the accusation on November 30.

He said that one of the questions was, "Do you agree with the opinion that the U.S. authorities are using sanctions [against Russia] in order to set wealthy supporters of the Russian president against him?"

Peskov said he had answered, "I am sure that this is the exactly the case."

Another alleged question cited by Peskov was, "Do you think that such U.S. efforts are linked to the presidential election?"

"We are convinced of this," Peskov said he had answered.

The United States has imposed sanctions on Russia in response to its seizure of Crimea from Ukraine in 2014, its role in the war that has killed more than 10,000 people in eastern Ukraine, and its alleged interference in the U.S. presidential election in 2016.

Putin, who has been in power as president or prime minister since 1999, is widely expected to announce in December that he will seek reelection in the March 18 vote.

His popularity and control over the levers of power in Russia, where critics say the Kremlin has manipulated the media and stifled dissent, make his victory a foregone conclusion.

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, meanwhile, told journalists on November 30 that if Putin decides to take part in the election, the ruling United Russia party will support him.

Medvedev, who is chairman of United Russia, spoke in an annual interview with major Russian TV networks.

It is obvious that United Russia will support Putin if he seeks reelection, but Medvedev's remark may have been meant as a gesture of support and a further signal that Putin will do so.

There is speculation that Putin could dismiss Medvedev -- whom he steered into the presidency in 2008 and made prime minister when he started his third term in 2012 -- before or after the election.

In the televised interview, Medvedev said that Western sanctions and the plunge in world oil prices, which also occurred in 2014, had presented "the harshest and most unusual challenge" to his government.

He asserted that the government had managed to face the challenge and enabled the economy -- which emerged this year from a recession that began in 2014 -- to recover "faster than expected."

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