Wednesday, December 20, 2017

No white South African individual will be left on my friends list as of today

This is like with so called "good" and bad Jews...bad survives because of "good" and so on...

Putin even started to build with Merkel German villages across Russia - thats how ashame he is of fellow Russians. They have this pest all over Georgia now as well and Eastern Europe thanks to our "leaders". They are far worse even than Jews...

South African blacks should systematically starve them via social engineering as they have done to them(to me and other Slavs) for century. Send them wherever they arrived from. You don't want them anywhere even near you....they are extremely dangerous(you will all become foreigners in your own lands within no time with their presence).

White South African genocide is a scam. They bring third world to Europe/America to incite hatred here and claim white genocide in South Africa to incite in some more hatred. If they have money for third world(and they do) they have one for 4 million South African whites as well...terrible scam !!!

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