Thursday, November 30, 2017

So called "White" South African cause removed from this website - My message for the Bush is "Bolje rat nego pakt", "Bolje grob nego rob"

None of this neonazi thugs deserve my attention. White South Africans should pack and go home - no such thing as "white pride worldwide", but instead neo-nazism is what it is. Chinese and Indians expressed more willingness to defend our existence than so-called "white". So-called "white" represents NATO(our death), and Chinese expressed in the face of the NATO during crises a willingness to defend us from one !!! Putin is deliberately starving Russia. Its part of the plan to get one surrendered to the West - starvation makes Russian dream(/wish for) about own death. If neonazi West wanted Slavs(most important is Russia) truly equal, they would treat one equal as they did NEONAZI GERMANY and others !!! Neonazi West doesn't even pay what owes for war reparations to us !!! You did this Putin !!!
There is nothing to negotiate/talk(discuss) with neo-nazis(ZIONAZIS/FASCISTS) don't negotiate/discuss with evil(murderers/mass killers/rapists/pedophiles) and if you do, you have exactly the same as Palestinian people !!! 

With neo-Nazis(ZIONAZIS/FASCISTS), you communicate in the same fashion as we have in WWII = with bullets and nukes !!! 


Like my Serbian brothers have stated before WWII, "Bolje rat nego pakt", "Bolje grob nego rob" !!! "Better the grave than a slave, better a war than the pact" (Serbo-Croatian: Bolje grob nego rob, Bolje rat nego pakt).[45]
I call on Russian brothers and sisters to oust Putin team !!! Bring in real Russians get over with traitors !!!

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