Sunday, October 15, 2017

It would be good for Medvedev and Putin to take more responsible(realistic) approach toward Russian politics as Germany and West are playing one like a sucker !!!

To me personally, whole thing at Kremlin looks like direction in very wrong direction(I see whole thing as unrealistic regional and not global politic based on past as the case should be with Russia and is not). Poland asked Germany for one trillion US Dollars in
respect to WWII reparations(, Moscow is instead happy with Putin's James Bond image and huge buildup of regional resentment(NAZIS are equaling Moscow with evil what on a long term will have disastrous consequences). Putin/Medvedev don't condemn publicly Western NEONAZI inclusion assertions(invitations in NEONAZI club on behalf of Germany), but instead even collaborate with one by opening doors to them while being sanctioned.

Putin/Medvedev team seems to be preoccupied with per$$onal concerns more than with Russian role in the future(what Slavic countries and Russia see you as today, costed Russia alone 27 million sons and daughters in WWII) !!! Instead of supporting Poland parallel to your own WWII claim(make no mistake = Germany burned Russia and Belarus much more than Poland and today Germans are spiting on both countries = in fact spiting on all our Slavic countries as divided we are good for nothing and we are divided more than ever as Slavs), Germans are spreading NEONAZISM all over the Belarus/Russian spectrum !!!

27 million Russians slaughtered in WWII and Belarus as well as Russia burned to the ground...The major towns of Minsk and Vitebsk(just as an example as whole Europe was burned
like this - not three houses would stay in one piece when Germans bombed or burned) in Belarus lost over 80% of their buildings and city infrastructure !!! London was a joke compared to Eastern Europe folks and today German and American NEONAZIS are proudly walking streets of this countries and are inciting in NAZISM !!!
Me watching Belarus impoverished folks polish old Audis while having Germans burn our brains and laugh at us !!???? Are you serious sir !!????

Germany doesn't owe Russia one trillion Dollars, but instead 10 trillions !!! 

You sir Putin haven't even distanced yourself publicly from AmeroGerman NEONAZI politics that keeps sending invitations to Russia under war ultimatums and country is being gradually vilified by Western media with evil(NAZISM therefore) !!! 

What exactly are you waiting for or on if I may ask you !!!????
Putin and Medvedev had me in Moscow under MKULTRA and played heavy stupidity on me with American politicians who laughed at me(scorned and humiliated me as I would become a man with tin foil hat and walkie talkie locked inside of the vault). Latter Americans(as you see regular journalists and even public seems to know what is all about) have used gifs to humiliate me some more when posting on Facebook - American losers(speculants/journalists/criminals/spies/pedophiles) equaling me with paranoid Kremlin coward !!! 

Bestial treatments in fact and lets find out from whom and on whom !!???

First on whose life was ruined because of
AmeroGerman NEONAZI(multi governments) involvement in my case and who managed to bring despite all brutality(even Russian brutality because this is all I have ever received from them) forward entire case against them(isn't it sad that you Pputin even collaborated and collaborates with AmeroGerman NEONAZIS against Slavic individual who fell victim first to Yugoslav and Slovenian incompetence that forced him to live country at age 23 !!???) !!!

From whom...apparatchiks that never ever went through any ordeal in entire life time, but were and are so concerned for $$$(quality of their lives)$$$...Gasprom genius Medvedev and Vladimir Putin together against stateless man surrounded by NEONAZIS in USA and across the Europe on whom human experimentation were taking God I pity you both and even more those who depend on you.

I believe that every Slav should have sense of ownership in Russia and not what the case is(look what is happening in Poland or Ukraine where people rush to work in Germany to get brainwashed against themselves...brainwashed into self destruction and hatred against motherland Russia).

I believe that the only key to our survival from NEONAZISM and everything else is for us Slavs to hold on together with one another(UNION and support for one another and not what the case is).

Am just saying...expressing my opinion and facts.....I am not interested in job at Kremlin at all(my life was wasted thanks to you, and you have young, strong, smart, and experienced people who should be paid accordingly with what politicians are entitled to and they should perform job parallel to advice from older officials - presidential service to the country is more than job$$$ and I believe that you Putin have taken waaaayyy beyond of what you were entitled to - Jeltzin and Gorbachev were extremely bad, but why do you have to compare yourself to the traitors on the first place !!????), but very much concerned Slav from Slovenia...

To me its seems like as if you yourself were exposed to MKULTRA in Germany and the worst part may be that you are still under influence of one(I was dozed right in-front of you - you watched me dying right in-front of you and it felt/feels like as if you didn't even realized/acknowledged anything at laughed in fact with others and talked about money).

WHEN YOU SEAT AT THE BUSINESSES TABLE WITH THIS GERMS THAT SHOULDN'T EVEN EXIST ANY LONGER(their population was 67 million in 1939 and WWII murdered 80 million people - because of them - because of German disease 80 million people had to die to make myself clear) PLEASE THINK ABOUT RUSSIAN PEOPLE THAT YOU SEE DAILY ON THE STREETS OF MOSCOW(unless you lie in a total bubble what wouldn't even surprise me) AND US HERE IN EUROPEAN UNION THAT IS NOW CONTROLLED BY THEM AND WHERE THEY HAVE ARRIVED TO PLUNDER AND KILL TIME AND AGAIN !!! WAKE THE F***** UP PUTIN !!!

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