Sunday, May 5, 2024

MK ULTRA - Here is what psychiatrist Tatjana Prokšelj will have to face with at the court police

Whether I described Tatjana's boyfriend or even brother - I have no clue. But such person did entered on the picture and remained part of one. Tatjana ALSO went on to suggest me in 2018 and 2019 how she is making a whole a lots of money like $6000 a month and that money she is making is for the two of us what left me and leaves me now even more buffeted ??? in respect to her "husband"(boyfriend ?). Tatiana's trademark on the right - jeans with black T shirt(skinny) was her clothing during her younger days when too many guys had hit one her inside of our house.

Related also to - he too searched for proof of schizophrenia $$$$ and it too one too long causing for himself a "whole a lot" to answer to at police.

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