Wednesday, May 3, 2023

Both Thai kings just as other kings had his people terrorise as much as possible to get Russian petrol discounts

He was caught with his crocodile feeding frenzy threats in 2001 when one begun to explain me that its not for real but for one to get discounts - explained mentioned to British prince Andrew who, however, inquired about matrimony with Bajrakityabha if still in place since the two issues didn't go hand in hand with one another....Lavrov Medvedev would have fun watching me during their state visits to Thailand where also two death threatened me infront of crocodiles FOR TWO DECADES(bullshit didn't stop) with future crocodile fest.

I like Thai royal family, but not enough to step on Thai soil nor for me to see myself anywhere near royals of any kind. As for Bajrakityabha - she settled deeply in my heart, but not to degree I would ever want to visit Thailand. She had and has nothing to do with it. Did and does her duties just as everyone else. I fear to write that she doesn't even question assignments as in Thailand, her father king see himself as god. 

On small boat going down channel/river on a sunny day with Bhumibol, green surfaced all around us - it became extremely traumatic experience when I observed crocodiles for which he begun with his son Maha insist me will push me inside at any time more so because I was drugged up without ability to defend myself from several lunatics - it was a huge success $$$....this goes to 2001/2002 and just withing day two Russians arrived who possibly used silicone masks of prince Andrew(travelled on the same little fishing boat on same river same spot within day two) and acted as extremely excited - playful to terror they observed on my face...this shit didn't only go on small boat but along some other river where we went hiking - valley down bellow us was filled with crocodiles its where again I was taken aside and down to river death threatened...Pattaya public location - you name it locations. Primitive, idiotic, low life sport that attracted Thai kings to observe not as much crocodile but terror on my face and I anticipate terror on faces of others whom they managed to get hand on...thats why I stated, Thailand never again.

Women learned about lunacy, but in Thailand you don't ask as a comply. And its why I am still open for Bajrakityabha but not as a royal. Open but not for her to save me. Just to share her tears, so she understands was is not alone.

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