Saturday, May 1, 2021

I have come to realization job wise

 that mental health issues Slovenian government branded me with, have placed me on lowered me bellow animal. Causing me spine injury, even on level bellow animal is how I feel. For that matter, I will immediately report case to Slovenian police - restart whole police procedure/not wait for any international community etc. as brainwashed..

Biden's crime today have proven what one exists for. He attempted to break me for 26 years and one would "recognize"(not admit crime), if somehow he wouldn't destroy me before his "recognition"...

May 1st was his last. 

For my case, one single police officer investigator is needed - not US president. As for everything else exists in their imagination which if I will follow will destroy me. 

They are buying time in case you watch elections in France and situation on general...Navalny very much supported by West managed to kill entire Russian opposition to Putin(investigator who investigated and investigated and investigated and never ever managed to bring anything anywhere already from view that one acted as Western agent with daughter in US and so on...). Trump galore is coming back and one was created by Democratic party on the first place - party which needs something "evil", so they can suck from somewhere(they want to look good and blame it all on Republican party, but they all work with one another - Republicans are just necessary evil to be plain correct). With amount of contracts and business deals  have seen two signed over the course of the years, none of the two is in rush to resolve any issues concerning my case nor whatever America is facing in its day to day struggle...

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