Saturday, May 1, 2021

For May 1st, Joe Biden had another specialty in his sleeve

 but one also failed just as other attempts to destroy me. His special for today was very sophisticated one and involved fishing issue as pike was closed for fishing withing past few months...while father rattled withing his fishing rods all this time, mom incited and bagged me for fishing trip which this time involved safety jacket issues, carrying motor engine to boat through steep bank and then back, as well as all other equipment just to be stupefied(humiliated) via MK Ultra torture which previously took place. 

Well, Joe Biden told me about his preference to get read of me withing his 100 days of presidency during MK Ultra - tried to do so via dirty play about which I didn't even publish anything as I didn't want to get condemned from people who would otherwise assume that it was my fold for him rejecting me assistance - I gave criminal involved in my case for over 26 years instead(for this very reason) another two and half months during he failed to act. 

Joe Biden trusted me during MK Ultra on my question on how he will get read of me that for that matter he has Vladimir Putin ;) he was proven honest(I don't assume based on MK Ultra - I act according to what I notice/compare).

During MK Ultra while inside of the boat, niece's husband ridiculed "others" for not knowing what color is positive and what negative connection wise(electricity) and insisted me on how he even painted battery for me to see what others have failed and included booklet on battery as well...well, the problem was that motor didn't indicate what was positive and what negative and paint was erased from battery too on what father repeated from MK Ultra scenario(he also took down life jacket - he in shape that he can't even get up from chair and river has some 10 degrees or less Celsius) his b.s. rushing me and then laughing at me what resulted my turning boat back to port(wouldn't seat and refused to stop fishing since we had to go up current first - I can't paddle with broken spine) and have thrown bait on tree and hoped for worst from was his last fishing trip with me in his life time.

"They" as Mitja Veber(niece's husband) didn't have father who would wave ores/paddles at them during childhood threatening to kill them when in boat...something I have published in 2008 already and its what makes me wonder about Biden';s presidency all along. How did this man knowing about me all this time go at night sleep - well, easy I think.

My family all knew about future spine breaking procedure in Poland(they have done this also now as PROVEN too late as I already published proof in respect to hunger games in Poland two days earlier and those no longer can be denied) and have therefore demonstrated today willingness to create/build mental suffering on plot which involved spine breaking issues in Poland...something William claimed me will be fun for freezing garage rental in Poland to see(watch me) as low temperatures tend to drive people insane...

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