Friday, November 1, 2019

Ni signs of bad Russians on sight in respect to car issues - only Trump's team

Grotniki was run by Russians, by Americans which were used to translate future torture via MKultra terror. What followed after Grotniki involved, however, solely Trump's Americans(people who would give anything to have Poland sold to Germany and this includes Kaczynski's elite squads which pledged to give full support to American crime boss) and corrupt Polish landlords/business owners.

Americans didn't even know what went on...they were first brainwashed on how they are engaging in MKultra out of pure humanitarian issues from which I would benefit on what those if they wouldn't comply with American psychologist hired by trump to destroy me in Poland were simply removed and replaced by bad apples. 90% were good and 10% poisoned as it gets with single idea on their mind. To bring me to Germany basically. Not surprised Trump congratulated German invasion on Poland.

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