Friday, November 1, 2019

American Ku Klux Klan crime boss moves from New York to well known neonazi area - close to his associates which participated from early beginnings in this very case(David Duke did and so did Don Black)

As you know, Big Apple resisted big time to neeoneazim prior to WWII. Not best place for little Hitler in contrast with what you see is bellow. Impeachment will not even work because both parties are led by indifferent leaders(controlled opposition) and as long bigger stake is laid down on the table from Russian side.
Both of these beasts engaged in torture under MKultra. I spent no less than 11.5 in Miami. Florida is packed with supporters of what you see here with the exception of few places such as Naples etc.

We have a first open neo-Nazi president in USA. Has nothing to do with taxation...

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