Thursday, September 12, 2019

Lodz Auchan sale - several int. MKultra staffers present

Are according to MKultra employed also in Lodz - they come and go international connection for poland(possible even Auchan distribution int dpt. or Auchan supliers).

Italian girl which stood next to me in area with kitchen appliances(pans) was according Italian gov. a daughter of Italian industrialist - pan maker. American British couple(girl Brit.) in their early 40s and German guy(black beard) for whom I assumed was Turkish under MKultra with his little daughter(probably 4 years old now) were present...

4 years because sale was repeated from 2015 just as German guy told me case will be when I appear - its when he would also appear with little girl as he promissed(meaning one was born😊 alrwady in 2015 when they had me in Lodz under MKultra).

Why sale according to MKultra staff members - because you will be moving to new location(I did). The very next day, handle from new Italian pan have already fallen me off just as the case was under MKultra with other guys which would purchase in this very store(was told pan has factory handle problem under MKultra in 2015) - my non sticking Italian made pan was left as the last one on sale(.😂😂waiting for me and Italuan girl whch was present on sale told me under MKultra to allways check products via telephone when purchasing them).

Falling appart cooking equipm. was related also to another naughty issue which I will not mention at this point

Yes I bought both😁😂😂

Same items as in 2015 I do not know...same issues used YES 100%.

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